Sunday, February 04, 2007

I had a dream last night ...!!

Picture my dream of last night and bet you would know why i like to sleep as much....

Imagine...the A-list.

She arrives in a limousine...or at least a Mercedes or Bentley...
Two BIG,REALLY BIG monsters of men guard the entrance to the Taj.If it wasn't for those 2 mountains the thronging crowd would pulverize the nervous little butler waiting anxiously.He got a big job tonight.He's assigned to run duties for MISS ---------.....(that's a secret...).

The chauffeur opens the door and out she steps.The crowd goes mad.Everyone wants to look at her....My god just look at her.
Stunning in the most unconventional way,she is not your usual bimbo or a bombshell or DD blonde.
No makeup, just a dash of kajal, No swagger, calm composure, No shiny pout, just a million dollar dimpled smile.
No plunging necklines and absent backlines, just petite well tailored formals that accentuate her curves just as well as they hide them.
No expensive jewellery,no fur,no glitter......just her....

She's not a movie star,she's not a supermodel,she's not the prime minister,she's not a pageant winner....
though in truth, if she wanted she could do more justice to every one of those roles than anyone on this planet today!!

And the crowd roars and the crowd screams as she signs a few autograph,smiles at a few people.She's waiting....
Reporters flood her with questions barely audible above the crowd's din.Even as she is answering a few of them, a sudden glint shoots furtively across her face.The twinkle in those eyes, and the glorious dimples, the lights grazing off her hair.....she smiles.A guy,dressed a trifle too rough to be a socialite, huffs and puffs in through the crowd having to literally tear through the crowd.And he reaches the impassable mountains guarding his object of desire.And she saw him too ... a flick of the hand tells the monsters to let him through .... he runs ahead and in full view of an aghast crowd takes the fairy tale princess in his arms and kisses her.

And before anyone can react the princess and her pauper have eloped on the guy's motorbike.And as if on cue, the princess lets out a whoop of joy stirring the entire page 3 crowd out of their shocked trance....This page 3 crowd just made front page!!!

That was my dream .... actually there was a diamond solitaire also in it somewhere towards the end.... ;)
And i thought and thought and thought and spent an entire day pondering over what this impossible dream could mean to me.

And you know what i figured out today ...


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