I Me Myself

The kulpreet of this blog is me - a 20 something guy trying to become a doctor of physics.

No one really knows why I pretend to have any opinions, least of all vehement ones. Its not like I have overcome any great obstacles and disabilities in life.
Nope... just coursing through life... started out in a decent school in Delhi, sneaked into the best technical institute in the country, and now tucked away in a comfy little town in the US of A. I have not a clue as to what my "calling" is in life. Physics, music, writing, I kid myself a lot, maybe just video games.

Its safe to say most of my opinions are random ramblings, with hardly, if ever, any basis in facts. If you disagree with me, you are in good company. I have only recently decided to bring my defunct blog back from the dead to serve as a chalkboard for my creative ambitions. Your hateful comments might just convince me to not inflict a book on the unsuspecting literary world. Or maybe not, since I seem to be pretty secure in the un-burstable bubble of my awesomeness.

In fact it is reasonable to say that my greatest and only enemy, my bane, my kryptonite, is procrastination.
More on this page later...


ProcrastUpdate: 5/7/2013.. UpUpdate : 3/2014
Ah, procrastination.How I lose myself in the exploration of thine joys...

But wait. I have an excuse. It wasn't my fault. You see once upon a time, in the timeless eastern lands of IITB, I was bored and angry.... and bored. And I had time to put some of my fake angst down on pixels. But now I am married, and doing research and surviving in the doomed lands of the west, and I can haz no time. So you see, its not my fault, I have too much work. Therefore I cannot write no more.

And therefore, I must reinvent. From now on I shall start posting about what I supposedly deem is important enough to keep me busy. Work. I am trying to keep up with the latest news in cutting edge science sphere. Hopefully it will be helpful for you as well. Fear not, I shall not do equations, lest I lose my delightful fantasy angst (that's the genre of my book-that-never-was-or-will-be, game of thrones + twilight + isaac asimov - brutal fantasy teen scifi epic. It shall make millions). Nay, the science posts shall be more like exploring the present and the future of something, or a commentary on recent developments. So there.

Now off I go... procrasturbate till the next procrastupdate.