Sunday, April 06, 2014

All Men Must Die... Tonight!

My favourite fantasy novel series, which HBO does a decent (occasionally spectacular) job of dramatizing...

I don't want to do spoilers, or theories, or analysis... there is plenty of that online. So after you read the books and are all agog about it and want to jump headlong into ice and fire, I will just give you some interesting things to read after the books.

  • Wiki of Song of fire and ice... for all your burning questions about the background of places, persons, families and events.
  • Excerpts from the new book, Winds of Winter, that is still under construction. GRRM puts up new stuff he is working on every now and then...
  • Compendium of theories about the truth/future of the series... R+L=J!!??!!.
  • Recipes to use to make yourself all kinds of ridiculous food from the asoiaf universe... Auroch Stew with Tyroshi Honeyfingers... ummhumm.


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