Friday, April 11, 2014

Geocentrism is back, baby!!


Barely a month after I posted an article inspired by a random crazy website I found online, that website has burst into the limelight. I mentioned how the site was about geocentrism, and claimed "Galieo was wrong, the Church was right". It seems that the creator of that website, Robert Sungenis is the producer of a new movie called The Principle. 

As you might expect the "documentary" is about geocentrism. I haven't seen the movie, I just saw the trailer. Anyone who pays to watch this movie would be doing a great disservice to science and rational humanity itself. I am only hoping youtube views are not worth anything, so here is the trailer.

Why is this making waves?
As you can see mostly a list of proclamations by (mostly) schoolyard scientists about how "everything we know is wrong" and NASA is hiding information from the people. Ordinarily such a movie would hardly make a dent on the cultural zeitgeist... there are too many crazy people in the world to attend to each one. But the presence of some credible scientists in the movie has caused a stir. Lawrence Krauss of Arizona State University was quick to issue a complete disavowal of his role in the movie. Other "actual scientists" in the movie and the narrator have issued similar statements.

I don't want to go on to analyze this farce. Krauss' reply pretty much says it all and as he says, lets all just ignore it till it goes away. You are allowed to poke fun if you are bored, but no more, and definitely not fund it in any direct or indirect way. Although it will be pretty funny if Dark Energy is the object of a new age religious cult.

You have been warned!!!