Friday, July 11, 2014

Earth's core might flip and Robots might make rotis!

I report
The SWARM (a network of connected satellites that orbit the Earth) detected an increase in the rate of decrease of Earth's magnetic field. No one knows why this is happening, but the purported conjecture is that the Earth magnetic field may be ready to flip. It has happened every million years or so in the past, and that it might happen now is pretty cool. But it will not happen in your lifetime as such a flip would probably take a few hundred years to happen.
The magnetic field  deflects the solar wind from reaching Earth. No mass extinctions in the past have been connected to such magnetic flips so hopefully handling solar wind is a breeze
I comment
But if true, we might see appreciable change within our lifetime. Seeing the evidence of a mutable, evolving Earth within a human lifetime... that's awesome.

We are lucky its happening at a time in human existence when we can understand its significance. Though I wonder what our ancestors could have come up with if there were any visible effects of this global polarity flip was happening two thousand years ago .

I conjecture
I have read a whole bunch (though I know nothing too rigorous) about how animals and birds can sense the Earth's magnetic field and use it to navigate and find their through migratory paths. It would be a great opportunity to see if such a flip causes changes in various organisms and/or ecosystems.

After all if we can find out how exactly, if at all, birds can track magnetic fields, maybe someday in the future we can enable communication via electromagnetic signals straight to the brain. That's exactly how its going to happen... in the future... Telepathy... yea' I seen it!!!

In other news finally robots make rotis. Big deal for the future of robotics and the diet of millions of culinarily handicapped Indians like me.

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