Friday, October 13, 2006


I am sick.

I am sick.

How could it be?

I am sick.

i have a tablet to eat every morning and a syrup to drink thrice a day....
the first time any medicines have entered my room....
i went to the hospital for the first time since my jaundice in 9th standard....going for pink slip excuse to bunk classes at iit not counted.
and iv been sick for 4 straight days....

i am SICK.

Stomach hurts.Love Hurts.Life Hurts.
Head aches.Heart Aches.Pan Cakes.
Muscle Cramp.Stomach Cramp.Leg Cramp.
Fever Cold.Getting Old.Feeling Cold.


My friends are far away in hostel 4.
My sweetheart is 200kms away in Pune.
My friends at home would be a 1000 kms away.
My parents,well they are in Europe right now,a continent away.


This room is all iv got,this bed is all that's mine,this comp is my only mode of communication,this blog is all that i can talk to through it.

Are you listening?