Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Question?

Long hiatus....Longer story ditch!

Suffice to say,
that given all the circumstances i and my fellows have been provided with and the responsibilities i had been entrusted with,
given the oppurtunities in this bizzarre contest , the race of the blind rats inside a cacophonic sphere,
given the duties of the confused messiah , the unwitting heralder of the new age karmic ennui....(if you do nothing,you'l do nothing wrong),
given the temptations in this blinding chaos , glimpses of the carcasses of the once glorious coveted by ignorant,
given my powers and might , innovative in its recurring oscillations between gross inadequacy and pitiful superiority,

given all that.....
i am obviously a failure.

The question is.....Am I supposed to ask the question??

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