Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Virtue Of Ennui



Damn it all.
Im so bored.
Iv nothing to do.Atleast nothing that i want to do.

Iv to study for my math exam.Ballz.I cant get around to it.Ever.
Im gonna flunk it ...bigtime.

Gotta work now.Im a CG now....awww fuck it.I cant.

Im just....too bored.
cant get enough of playing dota most nights....
im gonna rot...

Its this inertia....
i have absolutely no idea why this has taken a hold of me ....
I mean apart a wretched heartbreak,repeated academic failures,failing health,angry parents and a demanding new responsibility im pretty much ok,u know!!!

and im sleepy.
ok im off to bed....

buzz me if u wanna play dota...

1 comment:

  1. quit yer whinin' landlubber!
    the pirates go on a new adventure tomorrow. join them. :P

    btw. i've been pretty much going through this same exact thing. feels like a downward spiral... slow degeneration. its like, the absence of being OBSESSED with something/someone.