Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Reluctant Academic

Well I have justified the title of this blog more than adequately.
Four years in IIT, the best institute for science and engineering in the country, attracting the greatest minds in India, have come to an end.
Four years of endless opportunities to launch my academic career.

What did I do with all those opportunities, lets see :

How many papers have I published - 0.
How many articles have I written for review journals or magazines - 0.
How many research projects have I done which weren't compulsory for my graduation - 0.
How many recommendations can I count on for applications - 1.

So what did I do in 4 years?? Lets see :

Sing in a band and "almost" release an album - check.
Organize Asia's biggest college cultural festival - check.
Start and write for India's "premier" humour Website - check.

So now I'm off to 5 more years of academia, a post graduation and doctorate in Virginia in the US of A.
No prizes for guessing what I'l not be doing over there...


  1. This is the only post I've read thus far. So, tell me, you're a physicist? If yes, be warned, I may stalk you a little. Just a little.

  2. @Nik:
    If he turns out to be a physicist, I'll stalk him too.

    P.S. You're getting too predictable. And so am I. :D

    So. Are you a physicist?

  3. Ahaa...
    Public blog option is not a hoax.
    Someone does read my blog.
    A physicist I am indeed... among other things.
    Im also obviously a renowned procrastinator of blogging.