Friday, September 05, 2008

Reminiscing - the gone, the old and the fuzzy

Thought I'd have a bath today... long have I foreseen the day of the Bath. Let it be today.
Open my cupboard. A big bag. ABSOLUT. JAMESON. Shout out to me.

Think for a moment.


Mood Indigo 2005.
The greatest festival on Earth.
The single best week of my life.
Not THE beginning... but certainly A beginning. (cant you tell that line is stolen... I aint that good)
Have you ever felt like you're not really sure whether you are awake.... or still dreaming? (Steal my words, I deserve it.)
Is not knowing what to say the same as not knowing? (Put me in jail for Grand Theft Auto...)
If you dont remember the past... how is it any different from a dream?

Pieces of a memory... strung like beads, rather like newspaper clippings of a long gone serial killer's excursions... You know he is real and only human, but behind the wall of time n fading memories, perforated by the peepholes of evanescent public interest, he becomes a legend. Moving through shadow, a wisp... the Shadow himself, incarnate, invincible.

Pieces of a memory. Like the ragged beggar who just refuses to die... Till you begin to wish he wouldnt ever. So that when he does die, he will be resurrected in your memory as the hero. The martyr. The Light himself, incarnate, doomed to bear your sins.

Pieces of a memory. The smaller the holes, the more glorious the view. The less you can see... the more you can imagine.

Slam down the phone... Dude! Fuck Shaan, Lets drink!
Have a small leaky plastic glass of beer... and please dont puke in public.
Dude, what the fuck are we doin in the girls hostel? The girls dont care, what the fuck's your problem?
Dude, isn't this the first time you had a drink?No man, this is the first time I ever had a drink.
Sugar gets you high... so does a C10 and RS. And I aint responsible for I might do tonight.

And remember people, smoking is injurious to health.

Pieces of a memory. The holes are small enough.
Mood Indigo 2005.
The greatest festival on Earth.
The single best week of my life.
Not THE beginning... but certainly A beginning.

I think I have heard all this before. Am I awake...or still dreaming?


  1. This is bloody brilliant. Reminiscing my time at Mood-I, 2009.
    Freakin awesome. And brilliant post, mate.

  2. thanks dude... seriously.
    after years of super duper uber ultra monster procrastination, i'm finally trying to jumpstart my blog.
    For being my first follower and commenting constructively and saying MI is awesome, I christen thee, 'Mellon'. :P

  3. And a friend I shall be (I understand elvish too! I guess you knew that).
    Good luck with the blog. I'm sure it'll come out well. You're a techie, after all! We techies never fail when it comes to putting something up on the internet! :D