Monday, October 16, 2006

How to foul up your mood at a Bookstore?

And if you should fail,Then try and try again.
and again...and again...and again...and again.

what do i want?where do i wanna get to?
what am i striving for?what is my aim in life?

What are my GOALS?

Mindless self-help books churned out by self-prophecised pundits feeding on a mass pasture of millenial neurotic lives frustrated by the stagnation of their achievement on one hand,and having to live with the complete humiliation of having to ignore their dreams by the day and hiding from reality by the night,on the other.

Achievement,Success.....i'm not sure what they mean....

Who moved my CHEESE....?

I moved your Cheese...!

Follow your Dreams...!

How to be succesful at your job!

How to be successful in ur relationships....!

How to maintain ur dream car!

How to buy ur dream home!

How to write a bestselling novel....


Saw too many of them last time i went to crossword.that last book is real.

A remarkable thing ..... is Capitalism.Profit...somehow....anyhow....including selling books that teach people how to profit.

The true beauty of capitalism lies in one thing.its true genius...the reason of its survival and near consummate victory over all other economic foundations.
Capitalism.....does not placate doesnt make doesnt reassure anyone.
and thats what people truly need.

Give them food they'l ask for clothes.
Give them clothes they'l ask for shelter.
Give them shelter they'l want ask central heating,a watchman,a dog,a beautiful wife,two kids and a holiday home.

u can never hope to satisfy them.coz all this is what they want,not what they need.
thats why capitalism rules......
coz it gives the people exactly what they need.
the people need......
to be told to stand up n fight for their grub.....or shut their pie holes and cry and wait for their pathetic lives to give them a freakin BREAK!!!!!!!!!

hmmm......i'l take that.....
human nature....the most unreasonable saddening,destructive,hopeless entity in existence.
and the most prolific one....sad but true.

as they say...TO ERR IS HUMAN.

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